Thunder Struck II - Exciting Sequel of the famous 2006 Slot

Online Gaming has undergone quite a boom during the past years. While at first mostly MMORPGs draw the attention of many of players around the world, to team up and go though exciting stories, there is another niche, that has become quite successful. In fact, online casinos are one of the most successful and famous game sites around the globe. Players can try themselves in a large amount of different games, make friends and push their luck, without having to leave home. With the boom of smartphones and tablets, that have become almost as powerful as a computer, it is no surprise, that the online games have made it on there too, making mobile slots one of the mostly played games worldwide.

What's Thunder Struck II?

Thunderstruck II is the sequel of the famous original Thunder Struck, published in 2006 by the famous Austrian company Microgaming. The setting is similar and the game equally takes the player away onto an exciting trip into a world full of mystery, where a cool head and a good portion of luck are the most important things to bring. Like most slot machines, Thunder Struck II uses a total of five reels and 243 pay lines, offering some excellent chances to win. To play, the player can bet up to 45 coins, where a higher bet might lead to higher payout. The reels are coming with many known numbers and letters, the player has line up, for a chance to win. However, there is also that famous god Thor, that serves as a wildcard, replacing the current reel to whatever symbol the player needs. Another powerful symbol is the battleship, being the highest value icon in the game. Managing to line those up, will make the player win the hefty Jackpot.

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How does payment and registration work?

There is no registration required to play free games for virtual money. Thunder Struck II is available on laptops and computers, as well as gratis mobile slots, for smartphones or tablets. There is no limit in free games, meaning that a player can enjoy the gratis slots for as much as they want. This is also perfect for new players, still getting a hang of the game, or for those, who just look for some fun. Players, interested in a real challenge, can sign up for a real money account and start playing. While the game is the same as with virtual money, all winnings are real and can be cashed out to the players account or used for additional games. Special promotions and bonus offers award players, willing to pay real money, while playing Thunder Struck II mobile slots, with free bonus money and other perks.

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