Dragons Myth 🐉 A Fantasy Adventure

The internet is an important part of the daily life. Especially online games have become quite popular, besides surfing the web and working. While there are many different games around, none of those are as popular as online casinos are. Hence, it is not a surprise, that there are more and more casino websites coming up, offering a wide variety of games, reaching from classic games, such as poker or baccarat to slot machines, like Dragons Myth. Especially the latter are famous among players, as they are not only easy to learn, but also allow fast games and decent a payout. In addition, it is now possible, to play most casino games and slots on all new mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, allowing for a quick game, from literally everywhere.

General Information about Dragons Myth

Dragons Myth, with its five reels and 40 pay lines is one of the most popular and best known slot machines, that can be found in online casinos. As the name suggests, the game takes the player onto an exciting right into a fantasy world full of dangerous dragons. To win the jackpot of 80000 coins, the players must try their luck, aligning the different dragon symbols, joined by icons of letters and numbers, in the right order. A special feature is, that in Dragons Myth, the reels pay in both ways! Additionally, there are 20 free spins as well as several other bonus games, such as Wilds and Scatters and even some sticky wilds. The slots can be played on mobile devices as well as on computers. The gratis games do not require signup or registration.

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Try your Luck - Play Dragons Myth for Cash

Players who are at least 18 years old, and who feel lucky or are looking for a new challenge, can sign up for a casino account on mobile-slots.gratis. Once the account is created, players can recharge it with real money, to bet on Cricket Star or any of the other slots in the casino. By doing so, of course all winnings are real and will be credited on the players account. In addition players might benefit von exciting special offers and promotions, helping them getting started.

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