Break da Bank - demo Slot

During the past years, online games have become more and more famous and popular among the players. The allow players from all over the world, to play together, complete exciting quests and adventures and live in a colorful fantasy world. However, out of all the online games, the most famous ones are not those adventure games, but the casino games. They allow players to play only and win cash, without having to leave their homes. The most classic casino game, besides poker or blackjack is probably the slot machine. Easy to play and - with some luck - high cash out, makes the game fun to play. One of the most popular of these slots is Break da Bank. A modern money themed slot in the classical style, that happens to look better of a mobile device, than it actually does online.

Rob a Bank and get rich

That's the theme, which is awaiting the players of Break da Bank. The game comes with a classic, almost retro look of a slot machine. Just three reels are here, in which the player has to align all kind of money related icons. In addition, there are five pay lines, making the game a fast paced and exciting adventure. There are no free spins and no multiplies, just luck, as it was at the beginning of slot machine times. However, there is a wildcard symbol, which might have the player on their endeavors, but other than that, there is not much help to expect. The maximum payout is 2400 coins and Break da Bank can be played gratis for an unlimited amount of times, from both - computers and mobile devices.

Sometimes the mobile slot is not loaded immediately - then please reload the window once.
Thank you and have fun!

Play for real money and win big

Of course, a slot machine would only be half as fun, if there was no option to win real cash. For that reason, players who feel lucky, can sign up for an account and start betting real cash. The advantages are obvious: not only is it a lot more fun and excitement, if there is real cash on the table, but the player can also win real money. To make getting started easier, players might subject to special offers and promotions, in form of extra cash, bonus payments and other perks. For legal reason, all players, wishing to play for real money must be 18 years old.

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