Avalon Slot Machine - an exiting medieval experience

Online casinos are one of the most famous sites on the internet. Daily, many thousand people come to either try their luck or to just play for fun. One out of the many different slot machines, that players can try to play with, is Avalon. The games offers a unique, medieval setting experience, featuring King Arthur and also provides some interesting bonus features, for players willing to gamble. Let's have a closer look at the gratis mobile slots, that takes the player onto an interesting journey into the world of fantasy and mystery.

What is Avalon about?

The slot machines invites the player, to join an exiting and interesting medieval adventure. Besides several different numbers, players must try to get golden crowns, historic badges and other historical items, in order to cash out some money. But that's not all, then many known and famous figures from fantasy movies and medieval stories are also waiting, to me the player. There is for example a dying King Arthur, who also hosts the theme of the mobile slot machine, and there is the mysterious lady of the lake, looking to embrace the mighty, dying king.

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Avalon Mobile Slots - Costs and Options

Like most slot machines, Avalon mobile slots represents a gaming machine with five reels and a total of 20 paylines. One of the most interesting features is, that players can gain up to 12 free spins, that - depending on the bet - can be multiplicated up to seven times. In addition, the gratis slot machine does offer a gamble button, which allows players, who feel lucky, to play for a double or quadruple of their bet. If they are lucky and win, they will get a great cash out, but there is also a lot of risk, as failure when gambling means, that the original win is gone too and they player leaves empty handed. To make it even more interesting, there are some symbols, that offer up to a 7x multiplier and of course, there are the famous wildcards - an important piece, when playing slots, that can be of significant help to win a lot of money, by completing an otherwise incomplete row of symbols.

Avalon can be played gratis, meaning without having to pay any money and even without registering. Player can use this mode to practice or to play just for fun. However, players wishing to cash out real money and try their luck, must register for a free account and deposit some real money, in order to get started. Interesting promotions for new players, grand additional funds and playing money, making it an interesting offer, to play for some real cash. The only limitation is a minimum age of 18 years, required by law, to play for real money.

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