Agent Jane Blonde - play mobile exciting spy adventure

Few games are as famous as online casino games and slots are. During the past years, the market share of those games has steadily increased, as more and more players found there ways into those internet casinos. Today there are many different sites and sheer amount of different games, with different playing styles and variants. Especially with mobile phones becoming more powerful and with the introduction of tablets, it has become possible to play those games from literally everywhere. One of the most famous developers of mobile slots is the Austrian company Microgaming. It is also the creator of Agent Jane Blonde, a very exciting slot machine, introducing the player to a world of spies and espionage.

What is Agent Jane Blonde about?

In this exciting mobile slots, the player is invited to join an interesting adventure, taking them onto a trip into a world of spies, espionage and mystery. Unlike in the real world, all that is needed to be successful here however, is a portion of luck and a cool head. Like most demo Slots, Agent Jane Blonde makes use of five reels and offer the player a total of nine pay lines. With some luck and trying, it is possible, to win the Jackpot of 10000 coins - the highest amount, one can archive. In addition, there are up to 15 free spins, than can be earned, which can be multiplied three times and there are different bonus rounds. In order to play Agent Jane Blonde demo gratis, either on a mobile device or on a computer, no signup is required. Players can just enter the website gratis or download the smartphone application and start playing right away.

Sometimes the mobile slot is not loaded immediately - then please reload the window once.
Thank you and have fun!

Agent Jane Blond - Play for Cash

Players, who feel lucky or just want to experience how it feels to play - and possibly win - real money, can sign up for a real cash account, if they are at least 18 years old. Once registered, it is possible to recharge the game account with real money, that can then be used, to play Agent Jane Blonde. Players, who decide to try out Agent Jane Blonde with real money, also receive several benefits, such as bonuses to their payments or free extra cash, that can be used to gamble the mobile slots. The bonuses and promotions can also be cashed out, once the specific bonus requirements are met.

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